Age Verification

Have you ever gone to a website and had to enter your date of birth into a pop-up window? Or one that simply asks if you’re of legal age to enter?

Trusting the customer to self-certify that they are of legal age to purchase your age-regulated products is insufficient to comply with federal and state age regulations. That’s why more regulated ecommerce companies are switching to independent age verification software.

The online age verification process not only helps your business comply with age regulations, but also reduces the risk of chargebacks and fraud, and most importantly, keeps your products in the right hands.

How Online Age Verification Works

AgeChecker.Net is BankCard USA’s age verification tool. It works by comparing the customer’s name, address, and date of birth against a database of various public records to validate age. In most cases, the customer’s name and address are pulled directly from your checkout form to avoid redundancy and streamline the customer experience.

If further authentication is necessary, the customer is asked to submit a photo ID, which is evaluated by a 24/7 live team. After one successful verification, the software recalls that customer for future orders on any website using the software, so they won’t have to go through the age verification process again. Databases are securely encrypted and photo IDs are never stored after age verification.

E-commerce businesses can customize age verification software to set minimum age requirements for each state and limit the software to only the products that require it (for merchants selling non-restricted products as well).

For example, age requirements to buy e-cigarettes have recently risen from 18+, still the rule in most states, to:

Many counties and cities have enacted their own laws as well. 

The age verification software will use the customer’s shipping address to automatically require the appropriate minimum age for that state, county, city or zip code, and your payment gateway will not process a payment if the customer is underage.

E-cigarette/vape businesses have faced unprecedented action from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against underage sales this year, prompting widespread adoption of online age verification technology, but other age-restricted industries are benefiting from it as well.

Get Started

AgeChecker.Net is available as a plugin and integrates with most ecommerce platforms including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento, Weebly, PrestaShop, X-Cart, ZenCart, OpenCart, 3dCart, PinnacleCart, Warhead, Wix, and Lightspeed. We also offer API documentation to custom developers, so AgeChecker.Net is compatible with virtually any website. Installation and continued integration support are free.

Don’t let underage sales compromise your ecommerce business. Avoid fines and potential shutdowns, do your part as a business owner to keep your products out of the hands of youth, and build credibility as market regulations become more strictly enforced and publicized.

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