Online Reporting

Our merchant accounts come with advanced online reporting features that are designed to drive efficiency at your business.

Online reporting is a tool that adds value to the credit card processing solutions we provide. Online reports sum up your processing data in one place you can access online, 24/7. When you log in to your online reporting platform, you can see real time processing snapshots (including approved transactions, voided transactions, pending transactions and settled transactions for each day), monthly statements, chargeback summaries, average ticket sizes, settlement summaries, returns, and several analytic sales reports. Generate them on a set schedule or on demand.

One of the greatest benefits of having an online reporting tool is the ability to use all of that information to guide smart business decisions. Over time, your online reports can show you patterns and insights, and provide the basis for evaluating your business’s performance. Since they house your monthly processing statements, online reports also help you support a paperless environment—and give you faster, more reliable access to data than mailed paper statements. Here are a few of the other ways you can leverage online reports to benefit your business:

  • Lower business costs. Online reports put all your sales numbers into easy-to-read summaries. You can run reports to see daily, weekly, monthly volumes and more. They free up the valuable employee time it would take to tally up sales data and manually create reports. With data you can interpret at a glance, you gain insight into selling patterns. With a more predictable revenue stream, you can adjust inventory methods to save time and money. For instance, you can observe seasonal sales peaks and slower times of the previous year, and adjust your staffing and inventory planning accordingly for the upcoming year.
  • Provide an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Merchant dashboards help guide easy use of your online reporting platform and give a summary of retrieval requests, chargebacks, invoices sent and received, sales reports and more. The layout is convenient and intuitive. Despite so much information in one place, it’s not a maze—it’s very easy to navigate.
  • Protect sensitive data. Payment gateways are packed with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that safeguard payment information with advanced security technologies, all of which extend to online reporting features. Online reports save and analyze everything from customer buying habits to amount of each product sold, but leave out sensitive payment card information. Administrators can manage employee access as needed. You can feel confident knowing that your online reporting is PCI compliant and secure. On another note, storing your processing account data in a secure online database is more secure than keeping paper records.

Access an overview of your transactions, settlements and funding. Easily keep tabs on your sales with a glance. Gain insight into actionable patterns. User-friendly online reports are sure to increase efficiency at your company.