QuickBooks Integration

Maximize efficiency with this easy-to-manage payment gateway amenity. 

Authorize.net offers a free Sync for QuickBooks feature that facilitates an automatic import of transaction data directly into an existing QuickBooks account. So when an Authorize.net transaction—whether it’s a payment, return, chargeback, etc.—settles, the information reflects in the accounting system in real time.

QuickBooks also does more than just meet a business’s accounting needs:

QuickBooks offers a Desktop and Online version. QuickBooks Online is cloud-based and can be accessed by multiple users from any location with internet, whereas the Desktop version is suitable for a one-location operation. There are also three tiers of monthly service plans that vary in price depending on your needs. Free trials are available, and offer the best way to see if this popular accounting platform is right for your business.

Linking Authorize.net with QuickBooks allows your expense and income tracking to happen accurately in real time. The setup is quick, user-friendly and requires one-time configuration:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface of your Authorize.net account
  2. Select the Sync for QuickBooks link from the left navigation panel
  3. From the home page, click the Get Started using Sync for QuickBooks link
  4. Read the terms of service, click the box to confirm that you read them, then click I Agree 
  5. Click Connect to QuickBooks after you review the requirements (be sure that pop-ups are enabled in your browser settings)
  6. Enter your QuickBooks login information and click Sign In
  7. Once the page refreshes, click Complete Registration

By eliminating the margin for human error and the time it takes to cross-reference different systems, this automatic accounting reconciliation streamlines business activities and frees up valuable time for any business.