Why BankCard USA?

Operating since 1993, we have the knowledge, experience, and insight necessary to produce the most competitive payments solution to your business. We process all forms of transactions—credit, debit, ACH, and alternative payments. Swiped, keyed in, or online, we have the latest and greatest payment technologies and POS available! Large or small, BankCard USA caters to every business size and industry type, customizing payment solutions based on the merchant’s current and future needs. Unlike most, we do not have contracts or hidden fees of any kind.

We are fortunate enough to service over 100,000 merchants across the US!

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Eliminate The Middleman

Eliminate the Middle Man

The Other Guys


Is your credit card processor an agent or aggregate like Stripe, Paypal, or Square?  If so, you are paying more than you have to each month for credit card processing.


If you currently process credit cards, we guarantee that we can beat your current rates.  If you are a new business, you will never need to find a new credit card processor again.


Is your monthly billing statement crystal clear?  If not, you may be paying a lot more than you should each month to accept cards.

The BankCard USA Difference

Transparent, Unbeatable Pricing and Bank-Direct Terms

Highest Level of Customer Service with Increased Efficiency and Communication

The Latest and Greatest Payment Technology Readily on Hand