Lodging & Rental Merchant Accounts

Implement a payment solution that keeps guests coming back.

Hotels and rental companies have unique credit card processing needs because of the way they do business. They have access to extended authorizations for electronic payments. When a customer starts a rental (of lodging or a car, for example), the merchant is able to authorize credit card information up front and keep it on file. An initial charge will appear on the customer’s statement until the rental is over, at which time the full amount will be charged.

This extended authorization benefit makes it convenient for customers to elongate rentals in a “pay as you go” approach without having to hand over payment cards more than once. It’s also convenient for merchants, who are free of the extra bank fees that typically come with long authorization to settlement periods in other industries.

When your hospitality software teams up with a state-of-the-art POS system, the options for customization are endless and the choices are all yours. When we integrate a payment gateway with your existing system, our priorities are:

  • Seamless, fast guest check-in and checkout processes
  • Easy-to-navigate reservation logs
  • Databases that show guest information, history and preferences
  • Inventory management systems with alerts for reordering supplies
  • Reports that measure revenue, customer data and seasonal peak patterns
  • Reports that link bookings back to sales agents to gauge employee performance
  • Easy integration with QuickBooks, FreshBooks and hundreds of other third-party applications
  • Automated text and email marketing tools
  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite with customizable filters and thresholds that are set to best protect your customers and your business

Chargebacks are unavoidable aspects of rental businesses because customers who book in advance often cancel due to changes of plans or weather, so the industry is considered high risk. It’s important to have a clear cancellation policy to avoid losing revenue and credibility. For instance, a hotel could state that it will refund cancellations, except if they occur within two weeks of a visit and the weather is permitting. The policy could also include clauses about charging in full for no-shows and partially refunding for weather-related cancellations. The more openly policies are displayed, the fewer chargebacks the company will incur.

Whether you operate a large hotel, small bed and breakfast, auto rental business or anything in between, our specialized lodging and rental merchant accounts will help your business reduce costs and promote customer loyalty.