BankCard USA to Exhibit at 2019 TRANSACT

TRANSACT, held April 30th to May 2nd in Las Vegas, is the largest payments technology conference in the world. As BankCard USA gears up for the big event, Vice President Scott Hardy spoke with the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) on software innovation and exhibiting our age verification software,, at TRANSACT for the first time.

Click Here to read our full Q&A on the ETA’s official publication, Transaction Trends.

About is designed to prevent underage sales for age-restricted ecommerce businesses. It comes as a plug-in for major ecommerce platforms, and API documentation is available for custom developers. We offer a self-installation guide, or complimentary installation by our developer team. appears as a pop-up as a customer is checking out to buy age-regulated products such as alcohol, e-cigarettes, tobacco, or services that require customers to be a certain age. Businesses set the minimum age at their discretion, and customize it for different locations (i.e. for different state regulations). can be set up to apply to age-restricted products and bypass others if the website sells a variety of products.

In the pop-up, explains to the customer that this website requires them to be of legal age, and asks them to enter their date of birth. It uses date of birth, name, and address (name and address are pulled from billing information, so the customer doesn’t have to enter them twice) to cross-reference against several major U.S. databases. 90% of the time, is able to instantly verify the customer’s identity using those three pieces of information.  

For the roughly 10% of customers who aren’t found in our databases, requires them to upload a photo ID such as a driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or passport. Customers can upload an ID from any device. A 24/7 live team manually verifies these orders in 10-30 seconds. If the customer is underage, the order will not be processed. does not store IDs, but the system will recall those customers for future orders so they don’t have to upload an ID again. is a simple and secure way to streamline the checkout process and ensure that your products end up in the right hands. In the e-cigarette industry, which is facing heightening regulation, is helping online businesses comply with state and FDA regulations. It also caters to beer and wine companies, game developers, and a variety of other industries. Some businesses use even if they sell unregulated products because it provides an extra layer of protection against chargebacks and fraud.

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Why Age Verification Matters

Preventing underage sales in a retail environment is fairly straightforward, but online it’s more challenging. When the FDA began cracking down on online vape businesses they linked to underage sales, emerged to give merchants a simple yet effective compliance solution–one that is easy to deploy and manage, and one that provides the peace of mind that comes with keeping age-restricted products out of the hands of our nation’s youth.

As the FDA proposes stricter regulations and takes action against offending ecommerce sites, age verification has expanded from a topic of best practices to a discussion about how we need it to ensure that the industry survives online. Beyond nicotine products, a variety of other age-restricted ecommerce merchants use to keep their products in the right hands. Doing so helps them set an example of responsibility and due diligence in their industry. Because more important than complying with age regulations is the underlying question: do we really want children to have access to products that have the potential to be dangerous to them?

Although we offer an out-of-the-box solution, which we install for you the day you contact us, also offers a diverse range of customization options so that businesses can leverage the software to suit their business model and regulating body.

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