Why Merchants Choose CyberSource Payment Gateway Processing

More demand. More competitors. More options.

Choosing the right tools to drive your business is more complicated today than it was a few years ago. The rapid evolution of consumer trends has brought a variety of innovative business solutions to market. As the ways we do business change, investment decisions carry more weight. The success and growth of your business hinges on how efficiently you innovate.

Speed and convenience are now customer expectations, no longer distinguishing businesses with the fastest ordering processing times but rather those still moving at last year’s standard. Keeping up is one thing, but staying ahead of the many moving parts of today’s economy is another. Disrupting technology can quickly turn a lucrative investment into an expense by causing unforeseen integration issues, and staying on the leading edge of business technology is vital to your success.

The CyberSource Payment Gateway is designed with this in mind, offering a single platform with state-of-the-art amenities to support modern businesses ranging from the ecommerce startup to the multi-channel global enterprise.

Single Platform Management

Efficiency is paramount to drive business growth. CyberSource, a Visa solution, provides your business with powerful resources that are simple to manage from a single platform. Say goodbye to interconnected software and the intensive task of integrating different systems.

CyberSource’s broad array of tools come into play before and after you accept payments, from order screening and fraud management through to payment processing, customer information management, and advanced reporting. To simplify reconciliation or forecast, consolidate all of your transaction reporting, or isolate it by category such as processor, payment type, geography—you be the judge.

Streamline Payments

Consumers value the convenience of paying how they want to. Whether that’s face-to-face, in-app, on your website, or over the phone, CyberSource enables a single view of customer activity across all channels. No need to funnel customers to the payment method that’s most efficient for you, as all transactions are equally easy to manage on the same platform.

Prebuilt integrations allow you to plug and play right out of the gate. Easily connect platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and dozens of others, as well as CRM, ERP, and other business systems. Broad compatibility with your back-end systems and other apps allows you to enhance, rather than replace, systems you have or want to have in place.

Customizable, Global Reach

CyberSource allows you to create your own checkout workflow and design, creating an experience that reflects your brand. Accept payments in 40 currencies, from over 190 countries and territories with CyberSource’s language templates to ensure every customer can easily interact with your business.

In addition to universal cards, CyberSource supports regional cards and local payment types. Payment options may be added or removed at any time. If you have global partnerships or international customers, you should never have to request an alternative transaction method for B2B and B2C transactions.

  • Universal card types including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover, and JCB
  • Regional cards include Maestro, Carte Bancaire, CartaSi, Aura, Hipercard, and ATM/debit cards
  • Support for PIN-less debit and Chinese debit cards

High volume, far-reaching business activity is no problem, as CyberSource is capable of processing transactions all the time, in real time, regardless of ordering peaks.

Mobile Payments

Mobile commerce (mCommerce) is becoming a dominant segment of the payments industry. Customers are shopping in-app, on mobile browsers, and at retail stores with tap-and-go contactless payments at an increasing rate. CyberSource enhances your business’s presence in mCommerce.

  • Support for Alipay, Apple Pay, Masterpass, Samsung Pay (in-app and on the web), PayEase, PayPal, Visa Checkout, Google Pay, and more
  • Ability to deploy instant checkout (account-on-file) payments without storing payment data
  • PCI DSS compliant implementation that reduces your own PCI scope by not storing customer data in your environment
  • One interface provides access to multiple wallets and payment types, simplifying IT maintenance and management
  • Faster and easier reconciliation with consolidated reporting and transaction search capabilities

Alternative Payments

Online bank transfers, direct debits, and other non-card payments are all supported by the CyberSource Alternative Payments Suite. Convert customers across the globe and grow global revenues efficiently with an easy-to-manage system that even allows you to send refunds through the original payment or alternative refund method.

For keyed-in transactions, you can access the PCI compliant CyberSource payment gateway as a virtual terminal via One API integration and process transactions from any IP-enabled payment channel (web browser, mobile browser, POS, or IVR) across the globe.

Recurring Billing

CyberSource supports recurring billing, subscription or installment payments via all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and regional cards (including Maestro, ATM/debit cards, Aura, and Hipercard) in multiple currencies.

  • Set up your own rules-based system for bill presentment, renewal, cancellation, past-due reminders, etc.
  • Apply payment on file updates with an account updater service
  • Reduce risk and your PCI scope by outsourcing payment data storage to PCI DSS compliant databases.

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As a CyberSource partner, BankCard USA has access to specialized rates and programs to best serve our merchants. Whether it’s CyberSource or another solution, we can help you choose the best fit for your business needs, goals, and budget. Contact us for a free, zero-obligation consultation at any time.

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