Retail Merchant Accounts

Enhance the customer experience, and your profits, with an efficient POS system or credit card terminal.

It’s great when your retail store is buzzing with customers who want to buy, but only if you have a credit card terminal that’s reliable, fast and easy to use. Nothing turns customers away like a long line put to a halt because you have to troubleshoot a faulty device. We offer a range of high-speed options designed for maximum reliability, ease of use and security. Quickly move through that line and see the profit results in your merchant account—and in your store’s conversion rates. Give your customers the convenience and swift service they value by accepting credit, debit, mobile (NFC) payments and gift cards, and receive your funds by the next business day.

Fast, Secure Credit Card Processing

To qualify as a retail merchant, the majority of your sales happen in store, face to face with customers. Handling so many card-present transactions, retail businesses are generally considered low risk by merchant service providers. There’s a low risk of fraud, and no fraud liability on the merchant’s end when they use an EMV chip terminal. Our POS systems are designed with EMV chip and NFC technology, giving you and your customers the peace of mind that each transaction is protected with the most advanced security. We also offer PCI compliance walk-throughs to make sure your business is up to date with security best practices, and chargeback prevention support to manage customer disputes. When your business is covered from every angle, we can minimize your processing rates.

End-to-End Integration Support

If you want to ring up customers from multiple points throughout your store, wireless terminals and tablets that connect to the store’s main POS system are a great option. Depending on your industry and specific needs, we provide integration support for hundreds of compatible applications so that they work seamlessly with your POS system. Whether it’s accounting reconciliation or inventory tracking, the goal is for your POS system to be doing the hard work so you can focus on your customers. Loyalty programs, gift cards, employee timesheets, payroll and more can all be managed by your payment system. For more details, check out the feature-rich Clover POS products we offer.

Standalone, do-it-all terminals like the Verifone VX520 are good options for small businesses who don’t need all the capabilities of a full-fledged POS. Or, add a mobile card reader to take your business beyond your store’s walls. They’re great for home deliveries, pop-up shops and taking payments anywhere on the go. We work with businesses to find the right payment solutions for their specific needs.

B2B Credit Card Processing

Does your store accept commercial credit cards used for business purchases? If so, you qualify for reduced interchange rates that the major credit card networks reserve for B2B payments. Because these level 2 and 3 payments come with enhanced data, they are extra secure and chargeback-repellent, but specialized payment software is necessary to process them. Learn more.

Getting Started

We offer free consultations to show you exactly what you can save each month using a side-by-side comparison of your current processing statement and our proposal. Not accepting credit cards yet? That’s OK too. We cater to businesses that are new or existing, large or small, selling low or high risk products. Backed by 25 years of experience with retail businesses, we can meet you where you are and provide the credit card processing tools and resources your store needs to grow. With a retail merchant account from BankCard USA, you don’t have to worry about slow funding, hidden fees and outdated equipment. For more information, drop a line and an account representative will be in touch shortly.