Time is Money: Instant Payments

Every business, at one time or another, has found themselves in a pinch that only fast access to capital can resolve. It may stem from payroll demands, a new investment opportunity with an immediate call to action, or—worst case scenario—an unexpected emergency.

In any event, it’s important that you have the option of real-time access to electronic payments you receive from your customers.

That’s why we are about to enable instant payments through our merchant accounts. Instead of receiving your customers’ credit card payment funds by the next business day through our next-day funding program, we will be adding an even more efficient option for our merchants through the Visa Direct Push Payments platform.  

This will allow you to instantly settle customer payment funds into your deposit account, with full accessibility, whether you are accepting payments through an online payment gateway, virtual terminal, or in store. So, for instance, that large sale you made on Friday night after the batch cut-off time would monetize immediately, rather than by the following Tuesday.

Visa Direct Push Payments Platform

Visa Direct is a real-time payments network for business and person-to-person (P2P) payments. It’s helping financial institutions and technology companies allow their customers to transfer funds to a checking account in 30 minutes or less.

Visa Direct facilitates secure, convenient funds delivery to financial accounts, creating a springboard for Visa affiliates like ourselves to innovate new, efficient funding services for our merchants. Transactions are approved in real time, and funds can be pushed through to your deposit account instantly, even on nights and weekends.

The VisaNet security system also allows us to implement the appropriate risk and fraud management services to protect your business as it benefits from instant payments.

Instant Payments & Same-Day Funding

In addition to our instant payments option, we will soon be enabling same-day funding for our merchant accounts as well. Same-day funding will allow you to receive your day’s payment funds by midnight, shortly after the cut-off time to batch out your day’s funds.

We understand the pains of having funds held, and the frustrations of not having the flexibility you need to meet financial obligations and goals.

With instant push payments and same-day funding options, on top of our next-day funding option, we solve those pain points. We understand that, especially in the face of the unexpected, timely and reliable cash flow is of utmost importance.

BankCard USA offers complimentary integration support so that push payments work seamlessly with your accounting platform and other related software, in addition to our premier customer service, risk management solutions, PCI compliance resources, and dedicated technical support.

Rapid Settlement & Your Business

Rapid settlement of your payment funds can mean the difference between capitalizing on a new venture and having to pass it up, or fixing a problem quickly and having it mount to something more consequential. Instant funding—24/7/365 access to your customer payments in real time—through your payment processing account gives you the flexibility you need to keep your business moving forward.

BankCard USA is constantly innovating its suite of products and services to meet the needs of the modern business, big or small. Our introduction of a real-time push payments product underscores that commitment.

Instant gratification and fast-paced commerce rule our modern economy—and not just from the customer’s point of view. Instant funding will allow your business to keep pace and thrive.   

For more information about the launch of our instant funding and other merchant account payment processing options, please reach out for a free, zero-obligation consultation. Unlock seamless, instant disbursal of customer payment funds through your merchant account—and say goodbye to untimely delays.

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