Furniture Merchant Accounts

Sit back, relax and let your payment processing solution do the heavy lifting.

Furniture retailers make up a unique retail merchant category. They typically handle high ticket orders, high order volumes and presale orders that are delivered at a later date. Other characteristics of this industry can contribute to a high-risk label:

Online shopping is double-edged because it drives sales up but at the same time increases vulnerability to chargebacks. As more customers turn to online platforms, furniture retailers and their payment processors have to compensate for the immanent exposure to fraud and customer dissatisfaction. MOTO payments add a similar layer of risk.

The Solution

We take all of this into consideration when designing a payment processing system that meets your needs and fosters growth. To prevent and maneuver through any potential pitfalls of the industry, we can help you incorporate a fully-integrated, adaptable payment processing system with a multitude of possibilities:

To learn more about how the list goes on, give us a call today. Our team at BankCard USA can furnish your business with market-leading equipment, software, customer support and honest advice to meet your payment processing needs.

We also offer specialized features for extended warranty business models.